How SEO Supports a Winning MSP Marketing Strategy

A 2022 survey conducted by MSP 360 showed that over 50% of MSP firms regard lead generation as their top business challenge. If you’re among that 50%, don’t worry: good SEO can help you. As a Managed Services Provider, you may have avoided SEO because of previous bad experiences with SEO professionals or because it seems like […]

How Google EEAT Can Take B2B Content From Boring To Great

Building up your site’s reputation is about more than publishing tons of SEO articles in an attempt to trick Google’s search algorithm. Creating EEAT content is how you can work smarter and get maximum ROI from your B2B content investment. What does the Google EAT acronym stand for in SEO? The Google EAT acronym was […]

Seota Releases Free Online Marketing Course for MSPs

Setoa has just released the first seven lessons in our 10-lesson course on MSP Marketing.  It is a 100% Free Marketing Course aimed at businesses in the MSP and IT Support niche. The courses are applicable to most small businesses, especially those selling to B2B clients. We cover all the basics, and some of the […]

Top 9 Digital Marketing Strategies for IT Companies.

We cover all the basics, and some of the free lessons have action item lists that will allow you to apply the knowledge you learn by going through the course. There is no test; your increase in revenue will determine your final grade. We recommend starting with Lesson 1 and going through the lessons in […]