A 2022 survey conducted by MSP 360 showed that over 50% of MSP firms regard lead generation as their top business challenge. If you’re among that 50%, don’t worry: good SEO can help you.

As a Managed Services Provider, you may have avoided SEO because of previous bad experiences with SEO professionals or because it seems like a bad investment of your resources. However, when executed properly, SEO provides tremendous benefits to all aspects of your marketing strategy, from branding to lead generation.

Seota has 3 distinct packages for MSP Marketing; MSP Marketing JumpstartMSP Market Leader and SEO Only Package.

Using PPC and SEO together overcomes unique limitations

When faced with the decision of whether to invest in SEO or PPC, you’ve likely chosen PPC because it offers a faster and clearer path to ROI. Like many business leaders, you may have dismissed SEO as unrealistic or too much of a long-term strategy to bring any short-term benefits.

But, it doesn’t have to be an either-or game. SEO and PPC can work together to drive powerful results for your firm. Here are several ways you can carry momentum from your PPC activities into an effective SEO strategy:

Good SEO content supports an inbound MSP marketing strategy

While many types of marketing involve reaching out to the right people, inbound marketing is all about getting the right people to come to you. When done well, inbound MSP marketing attracts high-quality leads and proactively addresses the objections of sales prospects.

Traditionally, marketers have illustrated the buyer journey with a funnel, categorizing activities as either TOFU (top of funnel), MOFU (middle of funnel), or BOFU (bottom of funnel). Here is how SEO content can support your MSP marketing efforts at each stage:

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